T.R.E.E.S. - Erasmus plus project

Derniers articles

  • News about TRESS in "Concurent"

    par Stéphane Daviot

    This bulgarian newspaper wrote an article about our second transnational meeting in Taverny !
    Here is the link :
    http://konkurent.bg/article/136228/uchiteli-obmeniha-opit?fbclid=IwAR3IFJq4JDiejhfcdl9GFioYvPcE14ejK5AcB4VJHGnJiKVgVdKMibHugUs (...)


    par Isabel Paez

    Partners in the project meet to summarize our first year of collaboration. We have had a wonderful welcome from the French team in Paris. After a year together, we strengthen our links and prove ourselves to be an efficient and encouraging team, always looking for new experiences and (...)

  • The possibilities of future carrier

    par Dalia Tarosaite

    Last week of September the students from Lithuania got some knowledge about the future carrier possibilities. It was a great chance for them to get to know the everyday life of the firefighters, the requirements of this dangerous proffession, the needed (...)

  • Welcome to Taverny

    1 | par Evelina Stoithkova

    The international was at school to dee the new plaque about our project Erasmus +. We met the French pupils and one of them made a speech : the pupils said they were happy to meet us and to be part of the project. We are happy to see this nice town and its inhabitants. Nice weather. Thank you (...)


    par Claire Marot

    Here is the glossary created by the ambassadors about French, English, Lithuanian and Bulgarian expressions.