T.R.E.E.S. - Erasmus plus project

Derniers articles

  • Proposals from Bulgaria

    par Ioana Pavlova

    The students from SU ’’Otec Paisii’’ have the following ideas about motivation to go to school and make the school a good place for them.
    * to put lockers for the students in the corridors or in their classrooms
    * to change the traditional school bell with a modern one
    * to put more flower pots (...)

  • Proposals from Greece

    par Aurélie Nguyen

    The Greek ambassadors had a meeting to talk about ways and solutions concerning ending up or decreasing the dropout crisis. What they focused on was to :
    Update school curriculum
    Keep our classrooms layout more flexible (for either group or independent work)
    Introduce unconventional (...)

  • Video conference

    par Dalia Tarosaite

    On May 15th we had a video conference so that to share our ideas about well being at school. Students from France, Lithuania and Spain enjoyed meeting each other online and sharing their thoughts.

  • School disco

    par Dalia Tarosaite

    The goal of today’s school is to nurture a fully developed person, not only to provide knowledge. Motivation is the ability to influence students in order to let them to achieve their goals. Success depends on the teacher’s actions and beliefs ; the ability to use motivational tools ; the degree (...)