T.R.E.E.S. - Erasmus plus project

Derniers articles


    par Claire Marot

    Here is the glossary created by the ambassadors about French, English, Lithuanian and Bulgarian expressions.

  • Proposals from Bulgaria

    par Ioana Pavlova

    The students from SU ’’Otec Paisii’’ have the following ideas about motivation to go to school and make the school a good place for them.
    * to put lockers for the students in the corridors or in their classrooms
    * to change the traditional school bell with a modern one
    * to put more flower pots (...)

  • Proposals from Greece

    par Aurélie Nguyen

    The Greek ambassadors had a meeting to talk about ways and solutions concerning ending up or decreasing the dropout crisis. What they focused on was to :
    Update school curriculum
    Keep our classrooms layout more flexible (for either group or independent work)
    Introduce unconventional (...)

  • Video conference

    par Dalia Tarosaite

    On May 15th we had a video conference so that to share our ideas about well being at school. Students from France, Lithuania and Spain enjoyed meeting each other online and sharing their thoughts.