Wonderful souvenirs from Lithunia ! - commentaires Wonderful souvenirs from Lithunia ! 2018-12-14T09:09:31Z http://www.clg-lecarre-taverny-trees.ac-versailles.fr/spip.php?article33#comment10 2018-12-14T09:09:31Z <p>Hello, my name is Ainis. I'm from Lithuania and I came to the Sevilla with Erasmus T.R.E.E.S project. There we are learning to work in teams, we are playing ,,Kahoot !" and other games which needs teamwork. The teamwork needs good friendship and understanding each other, knowledge. It's awesome to me to be here and enjoy the sunny weather when there's cold and snowy in Lithuania, the city, buildings architecture is diferent and beautiful. It's interesting to try Spain's traditional food and find new friends.</p>